Relay Update

Yo Dirt Dancers,

Another sad day for the Head Goat ... My favorite morning of the year is seeing you all in your silly, dressed up glory on DWD day. I'm sitting here, choked up, trying to accept the fact that this 27 year old iconic event will not take place.

Dances With Dirt is a Monster to run in and a monster event to produce. There are so many pieces to put in place, from rental of farm lands, a private yard and a ranch to permits from two state park beaches, two counties and a couple police and fire departments ... None who will commit to approval at this time. All of these roadblocks along with a 100 person outdoor limit (that does not look to be going up soon) have put us right where we have been so many times already this year. Your hard working, hard running, hard partying Dirt Crew has raised the white flag. There is no joy in Mudville, or here at Dirt Quarters, the mighty Dirt Crew has struck out again.

Due to the complicated nature of this event and registration, we will be rolling ALL teams over to the 2021 event. Next year, you will have the option to defer your entry to 2022, if you can not make the 2021 event. If you have any questions we are available by e-mail at this time as we are working remotely.

We miss you all and can't wait until we can run and party again,

Be safe and run wild forever,

The Goat, The Dogs and the entire RF Event Crew